Pressure Monitoring Market Will Reach Height of USD 11.9 billion By 2025

Blood pressure measurement is important in the diagnosing and monitoring multiple clinical conditions. It is measured with auscultatory technique (a non-invasive technique)

Global Pressure Monitoring Market is estimated to reach USD 11.9 billion by 2025 owing to the increasing pressure fluctuations occurring in important body parts that lead to chronic disorders like glaucoma, respiratory disorders, and cardiac disorders. Blood pressure measurement is important in the diagnosing and monitoring multiple clinical conditions. It is measured with auscultatory technique (a non-invasive technique).

The pressure in the cuff is then measured with the help of sphygmomanometer (also known as a blood pressure monitor, blood pressure meter, or blood pressure gauge). Pressure monitoring industry presents a favorable approach for monitoring different types of pressures in various body parts. It is extremely crucial in identifying diverse health issues of a patient. The major pressure fluctuations in important body parts may cause several chronic and acute disorders like cardiac arrest, diabetes, and glaucoma.

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The demand for pressure monitoring instruments is predicted to increase in the forecast period since they help early diagnosis of a patient’s deteriorating health condition. Additionally, the enhanced blood pressure monitoring instruments are essentially designed for subjective use which help to record patient’s health status remotely.

Patients dealing with lifestyle disorders are expected to suffer from hypertension throughout their life. Therefore, the need for pressure monitoring among these type of patients is increasing, which also increases the need for pressure monitoring instruments. The increasing aging population is yet another significant driver encouraging the growth of pressure monitoring market. The geriatric population normally suffer from hypertension and are prone to chronic disorders. This age group mostly experiences respiratory & cardiac diseases and is predicted to contribute highly toward the growth of the market in the coming years.

Technological modernizations are also fueling the growth of the market due to the emergence of novel pressure monitoring instruments. Most products are adeptly connected to smartphones and wrist-watches that self-record their blood pressure easily. Moreover, the other major players in the pressure monitoring industry are focusing on manufacturing instruments that measure intraocular pressure for the reducing the risk of glaucoma. Major manufacturers from pressure monitoring market have resorted to new product launch as their progressive strategy to carve a niche for themselves. This has proved beneficial for the healthcare centers to present vital symptoms of data directly from root automatically that reinforces the manufacturer’s portfolio of patient monitoring instruments.

Pressure monitoring industry is categorized on the basis of product type, end-users, application, and geography. On the basis of product type, the market is divided into digital Blood Pressure monitors, android blood pressure monitors, blood pressure instrument accessories, and ambulatory blood pressure monitors.

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On the basis of end-users, the market is divided into hospitals, home care settings, ASCs/clinics, diagnostic centers, and others. In terms of application, the market is classified into Respiratory, Glaucoma, and Dialysis. Geographically, pressure monitoring market is segmented as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. North America followed by Asia Pacific is expected to hold a larger share of the market in the forecast period.

The prominent pressure monitoring industry players mentioned here comprise Contec Medical Systems Co., A&D Company, Limited, Ltd., Halma plc, Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., Masimo Corporation, General Electric Company, Nihon Kohden Corporation, Smiths Group Plc., Koninklijke Philips N.V., and Omron Corporation.

Market Segment:

Pressure Monitoring Product Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2014 – 2025)
    • Blood Pressure Monitors/Cardiac Pressure Monitors
        • Device
            • Automated BP Monitors
            • Ambulatory BP Monitors
            • Sphygmomanometers
            • BP Transducers
        • Accessories
            • Blood Pressure Cuffs
            • Manometers
            • Valves and Tubings
            • Bulbs
        • By Technology
            • Digital
            • Aneroid
    • Pulmonary Pressure Monitors
        • Device
            • Oximeters
            • Capnographs
            • Spirometers
        • Accessories
            • Flanged Mouth Pieces
            • Nasal Probes & Plugs
            • Filters
    • Intraocular Pressure Monitors
        • Device
        • Accessories
        • Prisms
        • Tip Covers
        • Sensors
    • Intracranial Pressure Monitors

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