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Denim Finishing Agents Market Hit Almost USD 2.21 billion Figure By 2024

The global Denim Finishing Agents Market value is expected to reach USD 2.21 billion by 2025 owing to the increasing demand for high-quality denim clothing and accessories worldwide. Denim is one of the oldest world fabrics and is commonly associated with jeans. Presently, denim jeans are the most loved and preferred clothing material across the globe irrespective of gender, climate conditions, culture, special occasions and seasons.

Jeans is regarded as the wardrobe essential which is not only comfortable but also has greater durability as compared to other fabrics. It is available in wide range of styles and colors which admirably satisfies every customer requirement. The style and fits based trends are largely dependent on street style and celebrity fashion. These factors are predicted to outgrowth the demand of denim finishing agents used in the fabric washing process in the years to come.

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A typical denim wet finishing is initially desized to soften the fabric, then laundered to fade the color and add different contrasts to the fabric. The introduction of improved biotechnology has replaced the traditional treatments of using chemical and physical processes and has paved the way for cleaner technologies. Enzyme technology has increased substantially, especially in the processing of natural fibers. This is because, the enzymes are easy to use and applicable for several process. The enzymes used in the textile field are catalase, amylases, and laccase which reduce excess hydrogen peroxide, remove the starch, degrading lignin and bleaching textiles. The reason behind acceptance of this technology is the fact that enzymes are extremely precise in their action and are environment friendly.

Additionally, the international industry players are predicted to launch modern and innovative technologies for the denim collections to keep up customers’ interest and increase sales. Consequently, the public and private players are expected to expand their product ranges and continue bringing modernizations to cater to different customers’ requirements. The major denim finishing agents industry drivers are rising demand for Denim Finishing Agents and increasing number of retail sectors. The denim finishing agents market growth is expected to face restrictions due to uneven prices of raw materials. The softeners offer soft finishing with surface smoothness, improvement of physical properties and low yellowing of the fabric. They contributed significantly to the denim finishing agents industry in 2016 and is projected to grow substantially in future.

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The Denim Finishing Agents Market is categorized on the basis of product type and geography. On the basis of product type the market can be divided into Enzymes, Resins, Softeners, Defoamers, Bleaching agents, Crush resistant agents, Anti-back staining agents, etc. Softeners are predicted to dominate the industry due to its properties like surface smoothness, low yellowness and improved physical properties.

Geographically, the denim finishing agents industry can be segmented as North America, Europe, Central America, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the denim finishing agents market in the forecast period. The key market players in the denim finishing agents industry comprise Ab Enzymes, BASF, Dow Chemical, Huntsman International LLC, Pigments, Rudolf GmbH, and Organic Dyes and Seydel Companies.


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