Refrigerated Air Dryer Market Will Reach Height of USD 13.24 billion By 2024

Global Refrigerated Air Dryer Market is predicted to grow significantly in forecast period owing to the change in consumer lifestyle, rise in food consumption and healthcare requirements. A refrigerated air dryer removes water vapor from compressed air. Refrigerated air dryers are widely found in commercial and industrial facilities. The process of air compression focuses on atmospheric contaminants along with water vapor. A refrigerated air dryer removes moisture from the air with the help of a heat exchanger. An air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger cools the air so that the vapor condenses into water. This water is then collected and drained out of the system, which leaves only dry air.

Refrigerated air dryer has been a cost effective and energy saving solution to eliminate moisture from compressed air systems. Increase in demand for energy equipment has challenged manufacturers to introduce less power consuming refrigerated air dryers. Most refrigerated air dryers are economic in operation require low maintenance, competitively priced and offer a stable pressure dew point. The growing demand for large-scale industrialization in emerging countries of Asia Pacific is projected to drive the growth of refrigerated air dryer market in the coming years. Rise in use of sensor technology worldwide is also expected to fuel the market in future. The changing lifestyle in North America is impelling the demand for processed foods, which will ultimately boost the demand for refrigerated air dryers.

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Moreover, the entrance of several food processing business in United States is likely to open opportunities for refrigerated air dryer manufacturers. Increasing electricity prices along with limited dew point capability refrigerated air dryers may hinder the growth of refrigerated air dryer industry in future. The growing industrialization has stimulated the APAC economies like China and India to hold significant market share of refrigerated air dryer. Furthermore, eco-friendly operations and the increase in demand from the food processing and manufacturing industries will boost refrigerated air dryers industry. Also, the chemical application segment is expected to register sizeable market share in the coming years.

Drying technology is a combination of material science and transport phenomena. Since drying mechanisms consist of transient energy, mass and momentum transfer through a porous or nonporous medium, with or without chemical reactions, with phase change to describe and model them is a difficult task. Owing to this difficulty, there is no universal drying theory, which has created opportunities for research and development in several areas.

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Refrigerated air dryer market is categorized on the basis of product type, application, end-user, and geography. Based on product type, the market is divided into filters, dryer, after coolers, and others. From among others, filters segment is expected to hold larger market share of refrigerated air dryers. On the basis of application, the market is divided into plant air/ shop air, instrument air, process air, and breathing air. Plant air/shop air and process air are projected to be used widely for operational purposes.

In terms of end-use, refrigerated air dryer industry is segmented as chemical, paper, food & beverage, healthcare, automotive, steel, construction, aerospace, electronics and others. Owing to the growth of food and beverage segment due to growing population, the segment is expected to register significant market share in the forecast period. Geographically, refrigerated air dryers market is segmented as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific countries are likely to hold larger market share of refrigerated air dryer owing to extensive industrial activities in the region.

The key players in refrigerated air dryer industry are Atlas Copco, Gardner Denver, Donaldson Company, Emerson Climate Technologies, Mann+Hummel, KaeserKompressoren, Aircel Corporation, Elgi Compressors, Quincy Compressor, Sullair, Sullivan-Palatek, Van Air, Wilkerson Corporation, Ingersoll-Rand, Parker Hannifin, and AerzenerMaschinenfabrik.

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