Amino Acids Market Will Grow AT A CAGR of 7.8% By 2027


The global amino acids market was prized by USD 21.18 billion in 2019. It is estimated to witness 7.8% CAGR from 2020 to 2027.


The growing demand from the nutraceuticals, food, and pharmaceutical manufacturing is expected to propel the market for amino acids. Due to its capability to take care of mental tiredness, muscle sprain and tenderness, the product is extensively utilized in the nutritional enhancements.

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As a result of greater amino intensity and ease of use, plant sourced raw materials like corn, soybean, and wheat, are getting reputation. So as to retain the reliable delivery of raw materials for manufacture, major companies of the market are taking up, frontward and rearward incorporation approach, intended for the safe greater class and steady source of raw materials.

Growing demand for the nutritional enhancement, together with augmented growth of the healthcare business in the nations, like the U.S., China, Mexico, and India, is estimated to boost the demand for the amino acids, in the long run. Between diverse category of amino acids, valine and lysine are increasing major traction, amid end-users.

Livestock Insight

In 2019, the poultry sector held the major, 49.6% revenue share of the amino acids market and is estimated to observe the highest expansion, during the forecast period. The poultry sector comprises boilers, duck, turkey, and chicken.

Increasing demand for the boiler and chicken meat in the nations, like Mexico, the U.S., and Russia, is estimated to steer the market for poultry feed, giving augmentation to the greater utilization of feeds additives, together with amino acids, like arginine and lysine.

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Application Insight

The food & dietary supplements sector held the principal, 59.4% revenue share of the amino acids market, in 2019 and are expected to retain its leadership, during the forecast period. Amino acids are utilized in the food processing business like nourishment and taste enhancers and the preservatives.

The animal feed sector is anticipated to observe the highest growth, during the forecast period. Amino acids are utilized like additives in the formulation of animal feed, to complete the necessity of protein, encourage development operation and reproduction, in animals.

Histidine and tryptophan are utilized in the function of preservatives in milk powder. Cystine is utilized in a number of beverages for example fruit juices like a preservative. Aspartic and phenylalanine acid are consumed in mixture, to increase aspartame. It is achieving fame like a replacement for the sugar in a number of formulations done for the soft drink.

Product Insight

L-glutamate held the biggest 50.6% revenue share of the amino acids market, in 2019. It is expected to preserve its advantage, during the forecast period. L-glutamate is moreover called as l-glutamic acid. It is a non important amino acid. It is widely utilized like a midway for the production of organic chemicals, taste enhancer, feed additive, and dietetic addition.

Since, it is an important amino acid; Lysine has observed notable augmentation, during the current history. Because the body of a person is not able to produce such acid, its requirement is reasonably aggravated by the enlargement of the market for nutritional add-ons. On top of human utilization, the product has achieved recognition like an animal feed preservative.

Source Insight

The plant-based source sector held 85.5% revenue share of the amino acids market, in 2019. It is anticipated to observe the highest development, during the forecast period due to the increasing inclination of the customers for naturally sourced products. The plant sources comprise peas, wheat, soybean, corn, and potato.

Increasing alertness of the consumers, about organic and natural products, is likely to propel the global ingestion and manufacture of plant-based amino acids. Animals are the main sources for the removal of amino acids. Animal meat comprises chicken, pork, and beef, together with additional by-products like placenta of fish, gut, muscle, and blood.

Regional Insight

In 2019, Asia Pacific held the 50.74% volume share and led the global amino acids market. In the conditions of revenue, the state is projected to observe the highest development, during the forecast period. This can be credited to growth of the end-use manufacturing like cosmetics, pharmaceutical, nutraceuticals, and personal care, augmented expenditure by the consumers, and rising acceptance of fit everyday life.

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