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Disposable Cups Market Will Reach Height of USD 20.20 billion By 2024

Consistent with the report published by the experts the scope of the global Disposable Cups Market was appreciated at US$ 13.45 billion in 2018. It is estimated to grow at a 6.0% CAGR during the period of forecast and extend up to US$ 20.20 billion by the completion of 2025.

These cups are broadly utilized to serve cold & hot beverages along with drinking water. Growing demand for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) from metropolitan, semi-urban market and scarcity of water to wash utensils is expected to motivate the development. Increasing per capita earnings along with altering food tendencies that favor suitability are expected to additionally motivate the demand.

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The disposable cup is a category of one-use tableware. It is utilized for the purpose of serving as well as packing of the beverage in homes, restaurants, hotels and at various commercial places. The characteristics of disposable cups for example lightweight, recyclability and additional physical qualities have prepared them prominent choice for serving and packing of beverages and foodstuff items. These cups are proficient of holding together cold as well as hot beverages. This has augmented their demand in the businesses of food & beverages. Low-slung price of disposable cups and easily obtainability have prepared them additional popular between the businesses of food & beverages. On the other hand, disposable cups are prepared of plastic that has raised up query regarding the influence on environment due to the discarding of plastic cups.

The global disposable cups industry is motivated by numerous structures of those cups for example low price, light weight, recyclability and additional physical characteristics. These characteristics are likely to increase the demand for these cups during the close upcoming. Increasing inclination for outdoor eating, growing per capita earnings, increasing middle class are some most important motivating factors for the development of global market for disposable cups. Additionally, arrival of new-fangled food courts and restaurants is anticipated to boost the global market for disposable cup.

Besides this, tendency of on the move eating and growing awareness regarding fitness have headed to the restaurants and food courts to serve their beverages in disposable cups. Additionally, eye-catching printed disposable cups are likely to drive the demand for it during nearby prospect. Moreover to this, increasing ingestion of fast food and inclination for take away food owing to speedy way of life of the customers are estimated to add to the development of global disposable cup market during the close future. These cups are prepared of bio-plastic materials and additional such type of materials. This also expected to boost the demand for disposable cups during the period of forecast.

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On the other hand, some categories of disposable cups are manufactured using plastic and producing harm to the surroundings by way of disposing left-over plastic cups and growing manufacture of these plastic cups. Additionally, these issues are estimated to obstruct the development of global disposable cups industry for the period of forecast.


The global disposable cups market can be classified by End Use, Material, Size, Design and Region. By End Use, it can be classified as: Food & Beverage Outlets, Restaurants, Residential & Corporate Parties, Household Purposes, Airlines and Railways, Bars, Offices, Coffee & Tea Market, Ice Creams and Others. By Material, it can be classified as: Foam, Paper, and Plastic. By Size, it can be classified as: > 1000ml, 600 ml to 1000 ml, 400 ml to 600 ml, 200 ml to 400 ml and < 200ml. By Design, it can be classified as: Non-Printed Cups, Printed Cups.

Regional Lookout:

By Region the global disposable cup industry can be classified as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, and Middle East & Africa. Due to growing number of coffee shoppers within the region, North America was projected to be the biggest market in 2018.During that year the U.S.A. detained the biggest share of the market, which was almost 90.0%. Altering way of life and increasing awareness regarding fitness is expected to boost the market. Increasing figure of food chains and cafes in the nation is fascinating billions of clienteles to drink coffee and additional beverages on the move. There are over 32000 coffee shops in only U.S.A. that produce waste of around 25 billion coffee cups.

Asia Pacific is expected to observe the speedy development during the period of forecast. Growing metropolitan residents, altering practices of food consumption, increasing per capita earnings and inaugural of numerous chain restaurants and channels for intercontinental food are some of the most important reasons motivating the provincial development of the market for disposable cups.


Some of the important companies for disposable cups market are: Solo Cup Company, Benders Paper Cups, Dart Container Corporation, Greiner Packaging GmbH and Others. Additional notable companies are James Cropper Plc, Cosmoplast Industries Company, Frugal Pac Limited, Geoclima, Huhtamaki Oyj, Berry Plastics Corporation, ConverPack Paper Cup Company, Pactiv LLC, Churchill Container, Genpak LLC, James Cropper Plc., Frugal Pac limited, Eco Products Inc. and others.