Infection Control Market Will Reach Height of USD 258.3 billion By 2024

Global Infection Control Market is expected to reach USD 258.3 billion by 2025. Infection control is termed as a process to avert the spreading of communicable diseases in all healthcare settings like animal or human healthcare and hospitals facilities. The key role if infection control is to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases. These diseases are mainly caused by viruses or bacteria and can be spread by airborne transmission of infectious agents, human-to-human contact, human contact with an infected surface, and animal to human contact. The Infection Control Market is estimated to grow at a significant CAGR of 6.2% over the forecast period as the scope and its applications are rising enormously across the globe.

Growing occurrence of chronic diseases and hospital-acquired infections, high demand for disinfection and sterilization products among medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical industries and hospitals, increasing focus on disinfection and food sterilization, and rising number of surgical procedures are documented as major factors of Infection Control Market that are estimated to enhance the growth in the years to come.

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However, strict regulations for service providers and equipment manufacturers and anxiety about the safety of reprocessed instruments are the factors that may restrain overall market growth in the coming years. Infection Control industry is segmented based on type, formulation, end users, and region.

Sterilization and disinfection are the types that could be explored in Infection Control in the forecast period. Sterilization wraps, disinfectant wipes, surgical drapes, disinfectant liquids, UV ray disinfectors, medical nonwovens, endoscope tracking systems, facemasks, flusher disinfectors, and other formulations could be explored in Infection Control in the forecast period.

The market may be categorized based on end users like food industry, hospitals & clinics, pharmaceutical companies, life sciences industry, medical device companies, and others could be explored in the forecast period. Hospital and clinics sector accounted for the substantial market share of Infection Control and is estimated to continue its dominance in the coming years. This may be because of rising rate of nosocomial infections and developing healthcare infrastructure in Asia Pacific.

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Globally, North America accounted for the substantial market share of Infection Control and is estimated to lead the overall market in the coming years. The reason behind the overall market growth could be growing occurrence of chronic diseases, rising cost burden as growing geriatric population, increasing strength of industry competitiveness, and increasing number of surgeries performed in the U.S. The United States is a major consumer of Infection Control in the region.

Instead, Europe and the Asia Pacific are also estimated to have a positive influence on the future growth. Europe is the second largest region with significant market share. However, Asia Pacific is estimated to grow at fastest pace with the highest CAGR in the foremost period. The aspects that may be ascribed to the growth comprise growing occurrence of hospital acquired infections (HAIs), developing healthcare infrastructure, and growth in medical tourism in developing countries like India and China.

The key players of Infection Control Market are Pal International, STERIS, Advanced Sterilization Products, Getinge, 3M Company, Ecolab, Cantel Medical, Reckitt Benckiser, Sotera Health, Metrex Research, Matachana, Halyard Health, and Belimed AG. These players are concentrating on inorganic growth to sustain themselves amongst fierce competition. As companies all over the world have to believe that alliance with a market would permit them proportional market existence and authority to declare the leadership position.

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