Silicone Coating Market Will Reach Height of USD 6.81 billion By 2024

The global Silicone Coating Market is projected to reach USD 6.81 billion by 2025, owing to the extensive application of silicone coating in construction and automotive industry. Silicone is a strong liquid applied coating material used for repair and restore of huge variety of applications. Since the basic bond energies of SI-C and SI-O are high, the chemical process is normally attributed with aging of coated surfaces are mostly slower in moist conditions for silicone coating. Resins and polymers are different types of silicone used in creating silicone coatings.

The silicone coatings are basically used for paints and coatings to improve durability and quality of applied paints for better performance. The growing acceptability of silicone coatings in the construction and automotive industries is expected to upsurge the silicone coating market with a CAGR of 5.9% in coming years.

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Silicone coatings are extensively used as primers, industrial maintenance, marine, hygienic architectural, anti-fouling, automotive clear coatings and biocidal abrasion-resistant. The silicone coating market is driven by the rising demand for electronic products in developing economies. The second largest application for silicone coating is the construction sector, where the silicone is used for concrete, tiles, wood & wood panel, mortar and perlite.

Thermal stability, low toxicity, low chemical reactivity, and low thermal conductivity is extremely useful since they improve strength, durability, and stability of the product. Tyre manufacturers in the industrial operations make use of silicone coating with the help of molding procedure that ensures product quality. In the shipping industry, silicone coating increases vessel efficiency and avoids the toxic antifouling paints. The silicone coatings are also used in air bags, textiles & leather goods since it offers beautiful looks to products.

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Moreover, the rising consumer goods industry is expected to stimulate the silicone coating industry. The coatings are applied on the interior and exterior of the house walls, corporate buildings and vehicle bodies. They are prepared with silicones that enhance product durability, moisture, weathering, climate changes and corrosion resistant, improve gloss and retain color. They are also used on the cars upholstery including the seat and fabrics. Silicone grease insoluble by form is stable at higher temperatures that allows it to be an ideal lubricant for brake elements, airsoft gun parts and bicycle chains.

The speedy urbanization and growing disposable income of consumers boosts the automotive industry is the major reason for the increasing silicone coating demand. Consumers today are widely accepting and are ready to pay for silicone coating products since the coatings add to the beauty of product. On the other hand, rise in production cost of silicone coatings is predicted to restrict the silicone coating industry.

The silicone coating market is categorized on the basis of formulation, application and geography. In terms of formulation, the silicone coating industry is divided into solvent based, water based, powder, etc. On the basis of applications, the market is divided into electronic, automobiles, construction, marine & aerospace, infrastructure, etc. The prominent silicone coating industry players comprise Evonik Industries, ACC Silicones, BASF, Dow Chemicals, China National Bluestar, Siltech Corporation, Wacker Chemie, Momentive Performance Materials, Humiseal, KCC Silicone, etc.

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