Carry Cases Market Will Reach Height of USD 9.27 billion By 2024

Global Carry Cases Market is anticipated to reach USD 9.27 billion by 2025 owing to the increase in spending power of consumers for devices like tablets, laptops, etc. Carry cases, sleeves & slipcases or backpacks are the protection for laptops, documents and other stationary materials while carrying them from one place to another. Protection of devices and gadgets is one of the main characteristics of these carry cases.

Easy to carry and light in weight are the technological improvements observed in carry cases. Other advanced features of the growing demand of carry cases comprise radio frequency identification (RFID)-enabled and checkpoint-friendly carry cases. Similarly, the manufacturing of stylish yet sophisticated carry cases is expected to boost carry cases market with a CAGR 6.1% in near future.

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The carry cases or the cover cases not only improve the functionality but also provide aesthetic look along with features like smart storage capacity, tracking technology, etc. The manufacturing of various models of laptops and other gadgets are predicted to fuel the carry cases market, since carry cases differ from model to model. Additionally, the manufacturing of smart carry cases is projected to upsurge the demand for carry cases in future. Smart cases are made of special material that can effectively block signals to protect credit cards, passport or other credentials from wireless burglary.

Carry cases market is also estimated to present considerable growth due to the development of innovative products with enhanced functionality and the use of quality materials. Moreover, modern features like multi-device storage and custom-made solutions accelerate its adoption rate among buyers. The growing trend of customization like personal printings done and imprinting names on the carry cases are predicted to outgrowth the demand in near future which is likely to boost carry cases market significantly.

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Furthermore, the carry cases are also used for promotional and marketing activities, which again raises the product demand in corporates and educational institutions. For instance, currently educational institutions offer laptops to their students during admissions and corporates offer either laptops or notebooks to its employees. The carry cases for these devices are available in creative designs like headphone outlet feature and invisible zipper.

The carry cases market comprises numerous market players, together with the local manufactures and authorized retailers as well. This intensifies the market competition in terms of price and quality. However, the availability of imitation products is expected to obstruct the growth of the market.

Carry case market is categorized on the basis of product type, customer type, and geography. On the basis of product, the market is segmented as briefcase, messenger bags, sleeves, backpacks, etc. Sleeves segment is predicted to dominate the carry cases market in the forecast period. On the basis of customer type, the market is divided into commercial and consumers.

The commercial segment is predicted to dominate the market in the nest future owing to its spurring growth. Geographically, the market is segmented as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. Due to the growth of electronic corporations in Asia Pacific, the region is expected to dominate the carry cases market in the forecast period. The key market players profiled here are AsusTeK Computer Inc., Targus, Torg, Incase Design Corp., Fabrique Ltd., Lenovo, Swissgear, Thule Group, Case Logic, and North Face.

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