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Free Fall Sensor Market is Booming Worldwide from 2020 to 2024

As we all are aware, what happens in a free fall, the particular object is free of any force or control, and it falls freely. Free fall sensor market size on the basis of product spans Automatic fall detection and Manual fall detection. The procedure through which a particular object drops and descends devoid of any impulsion or hold is known as free falling. In the similar way, a free fall sensor is employed to identify the same. The sensor can be incorporated into any instrument to notify and keep a check on the free fall of that object.

It has been noted that healthcare segment occupies the largest share as far as all the applications are concerned. The sensor is also utilized as an important component of free fall detection systems particularly for senior citizens. This particular sensor can be set up in any device that has its application in sensing and identifying their accidental fall.

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Moreover, these sensors are also employed in helicopters and aircrafts to trigger and set off the emergency response teams in case of an unexpected drop in elevation. Other than that, it finds its application in elevators too to set the braking systems in motion when a sudden and unforeseen fall takes place. The prominent factor that is playing a major part in raising the market share includes rapidly increasing geriatric population. In Europe and North America, it has been noted that the count of elderly calling for help is rising considerably year by year.

Most of the healthcare institutes are providing assisted living programs, due to which wearable free fall sensors are becoming highly preferred and chosen among various sectors. The wearable also allows institutes to check the vital statistics of an individual depending upon which appropriate medication is administered. It has been noted that free fall detection systems are now days being employed to trace whether a particular person has fallen down or not.

Furthermore, an automated response system can be deployed in amalgamation with a free fall sensor for best possible results. The only factor that is turning a major hurdle in the market growth is the sky-scraping costs of setting up a free fall detection system. It may prove as a key challenge for the market growth in the future. It is said that they are not yet recognized as a component of the standard system in many of the healthcare institutes. It has been observed that automatic fall detection systems are gaining huge recognition and popularity across the world.

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Free fall sensor market size on the basis of sensing application spans Wearable, Non-wearable, and Others. Free fall sensor market size on the basis of end-user spans Home care, senior assisted living, and Others. Free fall sensor market size on the basis of geography spans North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

As far as the geography is concerned, North America is currently leading the free fall sensor market and it is considered as one of the prominent regions in the global market for free fall sensor, the reason being considerable investment in the field of technology and increased spending capacity of people in the region.

Other than that, factors like rising geriatric population, rise in the frequency of chronic diseases, and strong penetration of smartphones is likely to contribute in raising the market share of the region. The United States is deemed as the major contributor in the North America market. The key players operating in the free fall sensor market include MariCare Oy, Medical Guardian, MobileHelp, Bay Alarm Company, Koninklijke Philips N.V, LifeWatch, ADT, and Tunstall.